The Simple Art of Toy Rotation SELF-DIRECTED Course

The Simple Art of Toy Rotation SELF-DIRECTED Course

How to reduce, refine, organise and present toys to facilitate creative, independent play.


By popular demand, I have released the PDF guides for a SELF DIRECTED version of my online course, The Simple Art of Toy Rotation, at a significantly reduced rate (my online course is £59). This will enable you to work through the course material independently, and at your own pace. If you are looking for a supported journey to toy rotation, please consider signing up to the waiting list for my online course, which I hope to run this coming June.


Due to the size of the content bundle, it will arrive with you in two parts: the four PDF guides will be available for instant download, and I will email you the supporting documents separately as soon as I possibly can. The supporting documents include a number of videos which I'm not able to attach here (the files are too large).


You can read the full course description by clicking on 'online courses' in my shop.



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