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Do you feel overwhelmed by choice when it comes to children’s toys? Many of us do, and on our quest to find the ultimate toy we are often guilty of offering our children too many. What if I was to suggest that you don’t need toys, or at least you don’t need very many at all?


I expect you have all marvelled at how your child can play at length with something that you wouldn't consider a toy? Perhaps the cardboard box or wrapping that a toy arrived in, or your car keys or a tin of random buttons. This type of play isn't new. It is the way that babies and children have played and learned since the beginning of existence. So, what are loose parts and how do you play with them?


This 25 page PDF guide is an instant digital download. It will support you with introducing or cultivating a culture of loose parts play provision at home and/or within your childcare setting. With lots of practical suggestions, my hope is that this guide inspires you and gives you the confidence to enter the magical world of loose parts play.


This is the second of 24 guides that form part of my self-directed course, The Fundamentals of Play. You'll find my Art Materials Guide listed in my store. More to follow soon!

Fundamentals of Play: Loose Parts Play


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