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Origami Boat Tutorial

A few weeks ago Bean and I learned how to make origami boats. I promised my lovely community on Instagram that I would share a tutorial, and I've finally found the time and space to do just that.

These little boats are relatively simple to make, and actually float! You can waterproof them by dipping them in melted beeswax if you want them to last a little longer. This is the origami paper we used (aff link), which we found lasted well in the water as it has a slightly shiny surface. It is beautiful paper too, but any paper will work.


Step 1: Begin with a rectangular piece of paper. We cut our square sheets of origami paper in half to achieve a rectangle. Fold the rectangle in half as shown.

Step 2: Partially fold the paper again to create a crease at the top. You can see the crease in the second photo here. This crease will become your guide for folding down the corners.

Step 3: Fold both top corners down, using your crease line as a guide, to meet in the middle. You will have created a hat shape. Then fold the bottom edge of the paper up on either side. Place your fingers inside to open it up into a hat!

We had to abandon our first attempt at making a boat at this point, as Bean was very happy with the hat, and wanted to find a way to secure it to her doll!