Invitations to Play

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'Spring Inspiration Pack' Digital Resource

Spring is such a promising time of year, with the days getting lighter and warmer, everything bursting into life, and summer still ahead. There is so much new life to see in nature and it feels easier to be outdoors for longer periods (although it's still helpful to have a few ideas up your sleeve!)
Introducing the second of my digital resources...

a 22 page, full-colour, spring 'inspiration' pack, including instructions for more than 20 nature-inspired spring 'invitations to play' and activities.

You can view the PDF on your phone/tablet, or print at home (in colour or b&w).


The pack includes:
A list of recommended books; 
A spring song and a spring poem; 
6 outdoor activities;
4 spring recipes;
2 craft activities;
2 art activities;
2 'loose parts' activities;
2 sensory play activities;
and a science activity;
Plus a whole page of internet links to videos and other interesting and inspiring spring things!


The activities in this pack have been designed with young children in mind (2-8 years ish) but most of them can be adapted to include younger/older children. As with many of my 'invitations', some of these activities involve small parts, so please supervise young children closely.