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Rainbow Loose Parts Collection

Have you ever found yourself mindlessly rearranging pebbles and shells on the beach? 
This is loose parts play. 
Loose parts are materials that can be moved and manipulated, that children can control and change while they play. Loose parts can be found in nature, such as seeds, pebbles and shells; or they can be man made, out of natural or synthetic materials, such as bottle tops, buttons and beads.
There are many, many benefits to loose parts play. 
* Loose parts are sustainable, encouraging you to recycle, reuse and repurpose materials for play. 
* Loose parts foster rich and engaging creative play in children, building confidence, independence and resilience. 
* Children are active when they play with loose parts, and they become more absorbed in this type of play than with most other conventional toys because the possibilities are endless’.
(Excerpt from my article ‘No Toys Required!’ for Juno magazine. You can read the full article on my blog).

This collection includes over 50 rainbow coloured glass loose parts, in a stainless steel tin, with clear plastic lid.