Fine Motor Control Duck/Fish/Shell

Fine Motor Control Duck/Fish/Shell

Exercise little finger and thumb muscles by picking up and balancing the glass marbles on the suction pads on the underside of the duck/fish/shell. 

Each collection includes four preloved plastic shapes with suction pads on the underside, enough glass marbles to fill the suction pads and a preloved wooden bowl for storage. These have been prepared with small groups of children in mind, for childminders or other early years settings.

The fish collection includes 44 blue glass marbles.

The duck collection includes 60 green glass marbles.

The shell collection includes 68 glass marbles (17 transparent, 17 green, 17 assorted green, 17 assorted blue - to enable sorting, if desired).

Please note: Marbles can present a choking hazard for young children. Please supervise closely.

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