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Baby/Toddler Treasure Basket

This listing is for a Baby/Toddler Treasure Basket. Just sit your baby on your lap, or with some pillows to support them and place the basket of items in between their legs. Watch your baby reach for each items and explore it with their hands and mouths, investigating shape, texture, colour, smell and sound. 


You can use treasure baskets with babies from birth (especially the musical elements) but your child will get the most out of it once they are sitting and able to grasp items in their hands. Each element has passed the small parts choking test, so are suitable for mouthing babies, with the exception of the brushes which may lose bristles. All babies should be supervised closely while using a treasure basket. With an older baby or toddler, you can use the items with the drawstring velvet bag for guessing games. The bag also comes in handy for transporting your treasure basket items.


Please note that this basket contains thrifted (second hand) items, so they are not all in brand new and unused condition. Some items may show signs of wear and tear, but have been chosen for quality, durability and sensory interest. I do not buy thrifted items that I wouldn't consider offering to my own child for play. All items have been sterilised and are ready for play.

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