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A Space to Play: A Beautiful, Calm and Purposeful Play Space


Your personalised, step-by-step plan to transform your play and learning space.

A non-intrusive, online service offering gentle support and recommendations.


Who is this for?

If you are a parent, a home educator, home child care provider or an early years setting, then I can help you. 


How does it work?

When you checkout, you will receive an email confirmation. I will be in touch with you within 24 hours to begin the process. (Please ignore the digital download. I've had to attach a photograph to qualify as a digital resource, in order to avoid charging you postage and packaging fees).


I will need you to provide me with some digital photographs of your space, in jpeg format please, so that I can enlarge them to A4 and get a proper feel for the room. Just one room per listing please. Digital photographs will be deleted once printed, and printed photographs will be shredded once I've finished the consultation process.


I will also be asking a few questions about how your space is used, for example, number and age of children. I may need to come back to you during my consultation process, in order to ask you further questions, but will try not to bombard you unnecessarily.


I will aim to get your personalised plan to you within 4 weeks, by email. It will be a minimum of 6-pages; a colour, digital download in PDF format, which you will be able to read on your phone/tablet/laptop etc. and/or print to read.


Your personalised plan will offer professional feedback on what is working well in your space and how you can further improve it to promote creative play and learning. Some recommendations will be quick and easy to implement immediately, at little to no cost. Others may require a bit of deliberation, time and saving. I may make specific resource recommendations. If so, I will provide photographs/internet links.


I aim to offer feedback that is supportive and gentle. There will be no obligation to make changes that you are not comfortable with, and for those of you that may be at the very beginning of this process, I aim to support you in making a start, however small. 


Any other questions, please do get in touch.


"We had a consultation for our baby room! The detail was amazing. What I appreciated was we got advice on what to keep in our room so that was a good starting block - it wasn’t a case of replace everything. I particularly liked the soft lighting advice. We are working our way through the detailed feedback and will post before and after photos when we have completed.Would honestly highly recommend. Great dialogue and lines of communication during the consultation period and the end report was so professional" Diane Koplewsky, Sleepy Hollow Day Nursery, Crumlin.





A Space to Play: A Beautiful, Calm and Purposeful Play Space


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