Christmas Gift Guide for Children: Stocking Fillers

"It's October!" I hear you say. Yes, it is, but perhaps you're beginning to think about Christmas because you want (or need) to spread the cost. Perhaps you're beginning to prepare now so that you can enjoy a calm and peaceful advent with your children. Today, I want to share with you some stocking filler ideas and recommendations... Watching my daughter open her stocking on Christmas morning is my absolute highlight of the whole festive period. It's usually very early, so still dark, but Bean is so incredibly warm and delicious, with her soft and knotted morning hair and eyes sparkling with excitement, that I forgive the early start. So, shopping for her stocking is something that I really

A Beginners Guide to Toy Rotation

Bean and I live in a small Victorian terrace. We don't have the luxury of a playroom, or home 'school' room, and space is limited. If, like me, you want your home to be beautiful and calm, but also an inviting and purposeful play and learning space for your children, then toy rotation is a game changer. What's the point? Toy rotation can take some time to establish, but it is so worth it as it has many, many benefits. Here are just a few... *Children can feel overstimulated by too much choice. With less toys available, children become more engaged, and play becomes deeper and richer. *Toy rotation encourages independence, as children can access and put away toys and resources themselves. Thi

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